Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bunny Soap

Chel and Iva came over yesterday. We were suppose to make PDF files for the publisher but we ate and talked instead. It was a really good visit. The three of us have truly creative spirits and are connected to each other in a Six Degrees of Separation kind of way. It took us this long to find each other but I have a feeling we three will be friends for a long time.

We had bagels and fruit for breakfast and Indian for lunch. In between we talked about art, websites, friends, husbands and just being were we are in our lives. Women have a intense energy, we are like circles. When we interact it is all of us, we open up and share everything. It bonds us, it empowers us and it connects us.

Stevie was and will always be my very best friend. The other day I went shopping and I bought some bunny soap, something Stevie would of loved, maybe she was shopping with me. I started remembering a time when Stevie hated me to have friends outside of us. She would call me on my cell phone a million times asking when I was coming home. I remember once telling her that she needed to let me have friends but what I was feeling was "I am so glad you choose me and I choose you".

Now that she has left her body she is making sure that I have new friends. When I am visiting she pops into my mind a million times like a cell phone call and I say to her silently, "I will be home soon honey"

Thank you Stevie for making sure I am not alone, and helping me find the bunny soap.

I miss you.


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