Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I will honor my life, honor my time here:
-I will do.
-I will be.

I intend:
-to be kind
-live in grace
-spend time being quiet and still.

I plan to spend more time with my children and be truly
present in their lives.

I will avoid people and situations that give me great discomfort:
-I can not fix them, it isn't for me to do.
-There is no room in me to carry more pain and drama.
-I need to break the habit of believing I deserve this kind of energy in my life.

I will finish what I begin.

I will attract new friends into my life.

I will be a good model for my children.

I will let go of anger:
-Give my self permission to start over.
-kindly walk away instead of building a fire.
-Leave the past were it belongs.
-Look for true lessons and not just reasons to excuse my behavior.
-Understand that anger does not help me grow, it keeps me stuck.
-See myself as a person not a feeling.

Realize that I am a human in a physical body for a reason and I must live a full human life. I will be present in every moment of my life and carefully collect my experiences.

Realize I am a soul that lives in this body, a soul that needs to be honored and cared for, it needs nourishment, love, pleasure and rest just like my body. I will remember that I am not just this body.

I will let God love me.

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