Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This has been a strange day. Biting cold. I know, I know, it's California how cold can it be? Well cold enough that you don't really want to leave the house. You just want to sit around all day in fuzzy slippers, warm pajamas and make soup and hot cocoa.

I did not get to sit around in pajamas I had errands to run and a resume to write. I have not written a resume in twelve years. Yuck...What is the point, everyone lies anyway right? I kept thinking if everyone is puffing their resume up then I have to inflate mine extra big to even have it looked at. I tried but it just got silly. I swear you can make pencil sharpening sound like rocket engineering. I decided to just tell the truth and wow them after the hire me. Do you think putting a twenty in the envelope gets you to the top of the pile? I guess you would have to have a Pay Pal button if you are submitting online.

I applied for a really crappy job at a really wonderful company. I think Pixar is amazing, they make magic happen. They want me to know Mac so I am going down to the Apple store and learning it. They want me to know illustrator and I looked it up to buy it and holy cow it is expensive. You will never guess what I found in my program directory? Yes, illustrator and it was registered: Stevie C Mac. Not sure when she got it and installed it but it's there. I played with it today, a lot of fun!

Thank you Stevie.

I need a really good job or lottery numbers. Hey, both would be great too. I am not greedy I just want to make art, play with Noah, not worry about money. I don't need to be a big spender I just need a little more security and a lot less stress. I don't mind working hard if it is a job I love. Gotta love your job.

The car people just called, my car is ready to be picked up. Gotta run.


Chelise said...

"sit around all day in fuzzy slippers, warm pajamas and make soup and hot cocoa"

What's wrong with this as a lifestyle? Some of us take our pajamas and slippers very seriously. : D

xoxo - Chel

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with job search, having ones own money helps and removes alot of the stress in one's life,julie