Friday, September 14, 2007

Above Trees

I had a dream that I was at a lecture, Marianne Williamson was the guest speaker. I was there with friends, Fred and Debbie. Fred found a way to get us better seats than we originally had. They were wonderful, right up in the first eight rows, center. The seats were padded benches with reclining seat-backs.

When Marianne came out everyone was quiet, she began speaking right away, no frills she just said "Welcome" and then "For those of you who have been here before you know what to do, those of you that are new just sit back, relax and hold on."

Then she began giving us a guided meditation, it was so intense. The ceiling disappeared and the walls were all glass. We were moving up and forward at an incredible speed. It was taking my breath away. I could feel the seats vibrate and heard a rumbling sound and thought "this is a simulator, how cool."

It was so incredible, I could feel wind then realized we actually moving. I kept floating out of my seat, I had to hold on tight, Fred held onto my foot. The whole time Marianne just stood where she was and kept talking calmly, guiding us and giving direction to her assistants in the room.

I could see trees rushing by and then the sky, we were moving up and up. The feeling was like climbing in a roller-coaster, and I don't like roller-coasters. I started to panic, it was just going too fast, I was afraid I was going to fly out. We seem to be traveling not just through space but through time. I tried to calm myself, there was nothing I could do really, the only choice I had was to be afraid or not to be.

I told myself "This must be what Stevie felt like, she is showing you how Stevie traveled." I began to calm and just ride, I stopped floating out of my seat then and Fred let go of my foot.

We traveled through cities, states, countries. We experienced everything in a tiny bit of time, as if we were in fast forward. Nothing was missed but the concept of real time was gone.

I remember The Streets of New Orleans, and a little shop there. In Maryland there was a train station and then we crossed over a bridge with a lot of traffic but we zoomed through. I asked what this was and someone else said, "This is kind of like a bullet train, it goes faster than any train you have ever been on." They explained the force it had letters in it, I can't remember it.

In Paris we slowed for a moment at a station, there was a platform were so many people kept coming and going, they seemed like ants. They were leaving behind packages that they had been carrying on a cement island in between trains. Pink shopping bags, some with pink bows. I wanted to reach out and pick one up to see what was inside but I knew I couldn't.

[There was so much to see and feel, I wish I could remember it all and write it all down. In my waking life I have never visited any of these places but I feel like I have now.]

We ended up back where we started, there was a gift shop where they were giving away things, isn't that appropriate? I was hoarding lip gloss for Stevie, her favorite, then I realized she wouldn't need it now...I woke up.

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