Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had another dream about Stevie. I wish there was a way to wake up and bottle them before they slip away...

In this dream I was watching what looked like an old 8mm film. It was grainy and a little shaky and there was no sound. Stevie was with another girl about her age, size and coloring. they were outdoors and I could see lawn chairs and swim suits. It was a sunny day. Stevie was so happy and you could tell that these two girls were best friends. In the dream Stevie was blond, thin, and seemed a little younger.

I had a feeling that she had been away on a trip abroad. It had been such a long time since I had seen her but I knew she was coming home. I was so upset that she did not have way to call us during her time away. I kept watching the film and wondering how she learned to communicate with the people she was with. They spoke a different language and Stevie had her tiny voice. I knew though that she must have found a way because she looked so happy.

My dream ended with me trying to make my way through the airport at night. It was dark and empty and I was a little lost. I was hoping she would remember me, and that she would want to come home after having such a wonderful time.

I got on the escalator and woke up.

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turquoise cro said...

I don't know what to say but the dream makes me sad. Your dream makes it sound like Stevie is trying to tell you to let her go(by not speaking?), she doesn't belong here anymore but our minds say yes, she is in our hearts and we are here so yes, she does belong here too! I'm just glad YOU have dreams of Stevie! I forgot to mention yesterday I was cleaning my back porch and there is a little Priority box out there and I have put books in there I wanted to read but haven't yet. I pulled one out and it is "Life After Death" sooOOOOO I will try and lie down and read some of this book and seeeeee what it says, it's by Maurice Besque and Louis Besque. I can't promise anything soon because I am scraped on time at this time! I'm curious to seeeee what the other books are. I put these on the porch for what reason, maybe I thought I would lay on the swing to read! I LOVE YOU sweet woman, thinking of YOU, Cinda (((((Gina)))))very, very tightly, wish we could go tubing!