Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Yesterday was cemetery day. Is it weird that I do this every month?

It doesn't feel weird, it feels right.

Every month I change out the flowers, bring a blanket, take a nap, talk, play music.

Is she there?

Her body is. I loved that body, those cheeks, her hands, her sweet lips, and the way she smelled like flowers all the time.

I go to honor her body, and to honor my sadness.

Being there is as close as I can get to her physically. It is also a beautiful park, so peaceful.

There will be a lunar eclipse tonight; the moon, the lord of the rings and the heart of the lion eclipse. I hope the clouds part just enough for me to see it.

All the illustrations for the book are done including the cover. This is taking so much longer and I am not painting anymore panels. I meet with Chel and Iva on the 27th, we are getting closer and closer. I really want it done before the Memorial for Stevie and Brianna.

Well I need to get myself into a tub I am stinky and covered in paint. I am bringing Theatre de la mode with me.

Blessings my friends may peace, love and understanding surround us.

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turquoise cro said...

O! I LOVE the Beauty Full Angel and the chickies are sooooOoOOooo adorable! I have a chickie to send YOU! I'm just too SLOW and of course I LOVE that turtle! Is my butterfly still there or did someone swipe it? I can't seeeeeeee it in the pic! I wish I could go with YOU but YOU probably like to go alone! I think of YOU and Stevie ever so often and I say prayers for YOU! I saw the lunar eclipse! I LOVED that I saw it, it was by accident because I didn't know anytthing about it but the moon was shining bright that night and I'm always gazing at the moon when it shines! LOVE and prayers to YOU sweetie! I can't wait to see the book!!! xooooxo, Cinda