Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The ZNE Auction

ZNE's "Hope Sees A Star" has just started an auction to raise money for a memorial for Stevie and Briana. The art is bright beautiful and happy. I am touched by all the art that was donated and that people are bidding. It doesn't seem real.

The memorial will be at the Oakland Zoo...Stevie was a card carrying member of PETA, she loved animals, she was a vegan...wouldn't even eat butter, how can you not eat butter!

The place the memorial will be is near a butterfly garden, under the flowering plants some of the zoo animals are buried. She would have loved how loved by the trainers these animals were. This is a place they plant flowers and visit...

I stayed locked up in my studio all day making a little tunnel book, it is about a persimmon tree and three lady birds with crows wings. They are the three crows that visit me each morning outside my door. I send them away with messages to deliver to Stevie.

It feel good to be there making art...the rest of the world sorta falls away for a little while.

I have a little alter with her pictures, little toys, a candle and tiny wooden hands. They all sit on a shelf shaped like a golden wing.

I want her to know that I am always thinking about her.

I am tired, paper cuts, sore neck and belly full of peanut butter cups.

There is a little trivet I have to bid on before I go to bed...

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