Saturday, March 28, 2009


I am in France.

It doesn't seem real.

I went to a beautiful Bascillica in Verasay and spent the morning in meditation. I stayed for a long time, long enough for my toes and bottom to go cold and numb. I lit a candle for Stevie at the alter for Mary. I cried and asked for strength. The church is magnificent and I can't believe that God isn't moved.

This trip has been a learning experience. There is so much to see and time to contemplate. I am in the country this week following a trail of Chataux, small hamlets, good food and roads that wind through the greenest meadows and fields of grain.

It is breathtaking all of it. Next week I will be in Paris where it will be a lot different but exciting and interesting. I am traveling with my SIL Sarah who held me up after Stevie left. Now she driving me through France helping me find myself.

It is late in the evening, I have eaten too much and my bed has a thick duvet that I plan to crawl under and sleep deep and late.

I had dreams last night that I can't recall but I do remember laughing...

Stevie, all the things I dreamed about the night I went flying I have found here, all of them. I love you so much.


Anonymous said...

Keep finding the way and leading us who follow behind on this journey of life. Julie

turquoise cro said...

Sweet Dreams Babydolls! Thanks for taking us with YOU! The pics are ooh la la! ((((Sarah&Gina))))

Penny said...

When in Paris, you must go to Laduree and have the macrons.

MK brought some home on Saturday...divine!

Have a wonderful time!


Penny said...

Or, hopefully, you've seen this:

Penny said...

Try this one!