Monday, September 22, 2008

21 and...

Some days go by, I wish I was famous
Or maybe religious, so I could go to heaven
Just like you
I can have a big house, complain about taxes
Payoff my ex'es, ain't that living
No one makes fun of me, cause I can't stand up for myself and I cross my legs like a girl

Woah, 21 and invincible
Woah, can't wait to screw this up
And woah, 21 and invincible
I'm in power for the hour
Guess today's gonna blow us away

I've got a girlfriend
She tells me she needs me
And she loves me
We'll probably get married
Oh no, and everyone will bit their tongues so hard they'll bleed

When mom hears this song
She'll tell me I'm crazy
And she'll say to me
"Son you're much too fun, go have some fun don't waste your youth like I did"

And woah, 21 and invincible
Woah, can't wait to screw this up
And woah, 21 and invincible
I'm in power for the hour
I guess today's gonna blow us away

And it's been autumn since the day that I met you
If I had bottomed, I'd crawl out alone
And I don't wish you know the secrets of summer at all

And woah, 21 and invincible
Woah, can't wait to screw this up
And woah, 21 and invincible
I'm in power for the hour
I guess today's gonna blow us away

This is a song Stevie loved...Andrews music. We went to the Fillmore in the city and watched him sing this when his hair was growing back and he was loving life and his fans. He deserved every bit of that energy those girls were pouring out to him.

My girl leaned against a pillar and sang every word, she was shy as hell but she loved a room full of sweaty people when live music was playing. I bought her a black sweatshirt that night. It was a zip up with a little silk screened "Jacks Mannequin" on it. I teased her, told her it was for me but she new I was lying.

I wear it now because it reminds me of that groovy night with my best girl, she was so happy.

Tomorrow would be her 21st birthday...

I will go to the cemetery alone. I just need to be close to her, to the body I loved so much.

On my 21st birthday I went to my aunts house, my family was there, my cousin made me a cake. Aly was still in diapers and the one she was wearing had failed and both of us were in ruined clothes. Steve and I had a big fight because I wanted to go home, he couldn't understand why it didn't feel like 21 I felt like 41. I had leaky boobs, smelled like poo and instead of a college keg party I was eating cake and cob salad while everyone watched TV.

Stevie would be born September 23rd, the year I turned 23. I can't believe I was a mother to two tiny kids when I was that young. Aly is 23 now...a puppy and a job is a challenge for her, I can't imagine babies, a mortgage and a difficult to please husband.

Would I change any of it?


I would have waited until I was older, until we had more money, until I was an adult. I would have worn my seat belt the day we were in the car accident. I would have made them do an MRI when she was seven. I would have said no to radiation. I would have never yelled at the girls, even when I was on my period and they wall papered the bathroom with maxi-pads. I would have just ripped one off the wall to use and admired the beauty of the moment.

Would it have made a difference?

I don't know, but maybe in a parallel universe somewhere is a much happier me with two daughters just going through puberty, that are healthy and happy. Maybe that other me is relaxed and never loses her temper or worries about how well the dishwasher is working or how crappy school lunches are. Noah is still eight and has a mom that doesn't cry at night when everyone is in bed and Stevie picks on him for being a boy and being gross and loud.

In that other universe we live in a different house, one that has stairs and a real swimming pool. I run in the morning and come home to make big breakfasts for the kids before school. Stevie is well so she isn't as shy, she has more friends so she needs less of me. She and Aly are still at that stage where they are best friends, just like before, I am just the mom, the "her" in their before bed talks. I feel left out but I have no idea how beautiful that is.

Stevie never died, she went to college instead.

On her 21st birthday we had a big party and I baked an obscene cake and hired a garage band to play in our backyard under a tent. She and her friends got filthy drunk on cheap beer and all slept in sleeping bags on the floor.

I would love to live there, in that universe but I live here, someone has to, and I can't imagine breaking the other me's heart.

She is here, she has to be, I can't stop thinking about her. That black crow who called to me every morning, and seemed to follow me everywhere the first months is back. She is sitting right where she did before and she called to me this morning. I told her to tell Stevie I love her so much and that I didn't forget.

Sometimes this still doesn't feel real.

Don't pinch me, I want to believe it is a dream and I am going to wake up to Stevie yelling because Aly borrowed her silver flip flops and her Hula perfume. Noah will want cereal, Steve will be playing tennis and the terrible dream I had will stick with me most of the morning but it fades so quickly that I forget all about it by dinner.


turquoise cro said...

I knew YOU would be here today. I looked for Stevie's Bookmark YOU gave me and I knew it was Stevie's Birthday today. I LOVE that bookmark. It reminds me to remember your sweet girl! I think of YOU, Gina a lot, YOU and your Stevie. Happy Birthday Stevie, I wish YOU could have had that Gina making that outrageous BIG cake and music "21" party. By the way, that pic is Beauty Full!!!Love and prayers for YOU, Stevie and the family((((((Gina)))))))

FoxFamilyFive said...

I have a card that I wrote to you a week ago that has been riding around in my purse waiting to be dropped in a mailbox. I am thinking about you today (and always) and remembering your girl.

Hadley asked me the night before last what heaven looks like. This is a first for her. She hasn't asked questions she's told us how it is. I believe with all of me that she never completely forgot...she's just so in tune with things that the rest of us aren't. Anyhow, I told her that I wasn't sure but that I've always hoped that everyone's heaven is just exactly what THEY want it to be. I told her that no matter what it looked like Stevie would be there and would show her around. She was excited that in heaven you can pick all the yellow tulips you want. No grouchy mommy telling you not to pick other people's flowers. =) She was comforted. We look at Stevie's picture and read Pink Sky and it helps her feel more at ease.

And, just because I thought it was weird...I never read about the crow before today. A couple days ago a huge 'flock' (?) of black (very noisy) crows took up residence in a huge tree just beyond our backyard. Hmmmm...

I love you G. I hope and pray that this day will be full of the good memories and the warm feeling that Stevie is whispering to you.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you, Julie

Anonymous said...

Thinking about You and Stevie. I hope this day brought you closer to "Tangerine".

Kathy said...

September birthdays are the going thing in our house.

My birthday is the 3rd, Steven is the 6th. My mom was yesterday the 22.

And my dear friend in Canada died last year a month before her birthday, which is today.

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, she of the beautiful eyes.

Love to you and your family.