Friday, July 25, 2008

Lisa Williams...

Iva and I went to see Lisa Williams on Tuesday. For those of you who do not know who Lisa Williams is...

She is a medium.


She is one of those rock star mediums who has her own television series and performs for large audiences around the world. She is suppose to be really amazing.

She is amazing, she is funny, compassionate and beautiful. I am not sure about the medium part. I wonder if it is because it is such a big group of people and there is a lot of pressure. I am not a medium so I don't know how it works but it seems like it should work a little better. I always leave a little disappointed, not in the person but in the medium ship.

Iva and I went to the Elephant Bar before the show and had a great dinner and some killer Mojito's. I actually got light headed, they were very good but very strong.

We didn't get readings but someone a few rows in front got one that was probably the most touching of the evening. Her little boy Daniel died of a brain tumor two years ago. Lisa had his name written down even before the show. She got a few things correct, a lot correct actually. The mother who got the reading was very emotional and I could tell that this reading was very important to her.

Much of the reading could have been for me. I knew it was meant for her but there were so many similarities, maybe because they both died from the same thing.

When there was a break in the show I went to speak to the woman. I felt drawn to her and didn't know why, again maybe it was that we simply shared a similar journey. It was a little awkward, we cried, I gave her a copy of Pink Sky then I became psychic.

I said, "I know you" (there was something in her eyes that felt familiar) I don't know why I said it but I continued with "were you raised around here?" she replied that she was. I asked if she lived in Sunnyvale as a child and again she said "Yes" I asked what her maiden name was and she said "Lowenstien" I smiled and said "Oh My God you are Monica's little sister".

Monica and I met in fifth grade when my mother moved us from San Jose to Sunnyvale. I was a geeky, skinny, and shy kid and Monica was just as geeky, tall, pretty and friendly. She had a rag-tag group of girls who had a club. They passed me a note in class and asked if I would like to join. They made me answer questions like "what color was George Washington's white horse?"

I can't remember the names of the girls in our group...I know there was Thuy and Delores both Vietnam refuges. Delores if I recall had a home perm that went bad and Thuy was hilarious. We played tag football in front of Monica's house, had birthday parties at mine, Monica and I both loved photography and her dad built a little darkroom so that she could develop her work. We hung-out until eighth grade when my mother moved us one more time.

I stayed in contact with Monica through High School. She was at my baby showers and my wedding. Little by little we drifted apart and spoke maybe once or twice year by telephone. Our lives moved and changed but we were both still ourselves and connecting was always a really great experience.

After Stevie left I tried to get in touch with her but the number I had no longer worked. I looked for her online but I didn't have the energy to do the work I needed to to find her and let it go.

A year later I would be at a giant auditorium listening to a psychic talk to a woman about her son and this woman would be the bratty little sister of one of my best friends. This little sister grew up to be a beautiful and wonderful mother. I like her better now. I can not believe I recognized her after thirty years.

I might have to put this in my "maybe Stevie had something to do with this" file.

Monica and I spoke by phone, and have been emailing stories and photo's. She has no idea how good it feels to hear her voice and see how beautiful her children are. She cried so hard when she heard Stevie's story and I could feel her genuine sorrow. She has always been all heart, so loving and sweet, she is a really good friend and an amazing person.


FoxFamilyFive said...

I'm so grateful that you had a good experience...even if the medium part wasn't what you'd hoped for. What a wonderful gift your Stevie helped orchestrate.

Love you G.

Anonymous said...

It's always amazing when we think we need one thing and we go looking for it and then we find something that wasn't what we were looking for, but really it's so much better.

What loving hands are caring for you...

turquoise cro said...

Thinking of YOU and Stevie today makes me smile!